Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Lazy me didn't had time to post these past days and when I had time I was playing the Wii! I love it we have it for 10 days now. I'm feeling like a real game nerd. I always loved games, can't help it. I'm a bit a boy in that part. We also have a playstation 3, in which I love playing "CoD", also know as Call of Duty. I'm quitte good in it. To throw in some terms, I can make great headshots, throw a flashbanger. And my favorite gun is the mp5 ;) Well ehmm.. enough about my gaming..

The dress I'm wearing is from the H&M. When I saw it I thought waaauww GREAT! What is it doing in here? Really not a kind you find in the H&M.
Its a bit granny style, but I love grannies! So to stay in the granny mood I added my granny bag and gold craved in bracelet. My hairdo is a bit new. Had to figure out something for my too long bang. It was getting in my face, and I didn't had time to cut it. I like it for the variation.

Dress: H*&M
Bag: vintage
Bracelet: secondhand
Sandals: sascha