Monday, September 29, 2008

last friday

I was wearing this last friday, as I wanted something comfy as its getting colder... Right now its like 10 degrees Celcius.. brr..
So I putted on my knitted legging en leather boots! That day we went to the hospital again. For Sjoerd his mother.. As she is laying there for more than 2 months now.. Luckily its getting better and better with her. :)

I decided to wear my hear a bit different that day, instead of loose.

Vintage boots, h&m cardigan, vanilia dress, h&m legging, vintage scarf + earings

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I made a lot of pictures the last few days. But I didn't had time to post anything.
My hair out of my face for the diff..
I made my green waiscoat again. The buttons fell of, and it was laying around in my closet for months..
You can't see it on the pic.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

waiting for a delivery

I was watching Sex and the City last night, on my couch sitting with some cinnamon tea and my slippers on. [ I love to drink cinnamon tea when its getting colder.. ] And while I was watching the serie I could not resist to do some shopping.. Every great shoe, coat and dress you see come by, makes you even more greedy.
So I came at top shop and just couldn't resist the leopard coat which is just so SatC. As I started with te coat I thought I should take some tights too, and as I was busy shopping even more I came with a real 'mr BIG list' of what I wanted to have.. With some serieus help of my boyfriend, of not taking everything I came up with these 4 things below instead of 20!

I love fringethingss its so cute, and in the combination with leather it just rocks!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Last days I was a bit sick and I still am.. Really annoying, laying in bed all the time.
Hopefully I'm feeling better tomorrow. I did went to school today, really like my new school. Fresh start and no worries.
The courses are much better than the courses on the other school. Now I'm busy with creating a folder. And in a few weeks I will be making a folder for a company, in which I might me able to earn some money! So hopefully that will work out okey! Then I can buy those lovely shoes I have in my mind.

My new hat. Bought it at de Bijenkorf. Totally love it.

Roet loves attention. He is getting BIG

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Monday, September 8, 2008


Walking through my neighbourhood..

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I was waiting to leave to the centre of arnhem because it was "koopzondag". Thats when the shops are open on a sunday. (thats once a month).

I had a new haircut done saturday. That was a real long time ago. Same color as before. But I like it very much. The poncho is a gift from a friend of mine. I really love it, and think I will wear it a lot.

That day I bought a new panty, which is great. And a new bag.

Poncho: gift from a friend
Jeans: secondhand
Jacket: Pimkie
Bag: theurbancollection
Necklace: secondhand
Minnetonka Moccasins

Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Part 1

Minnetonka Moccasins
I loveloveloveeee my moccasins. There just GREAT and so comfy!!

American Apparel One Piece
I totally wanted this piece, the color is great and I love it also to wear with some shorts

American Apparel Unisex
My Boyf loves it too!

Vanilia Dress
Silk and creamy! loveelovee

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My vacation

After a long time posting nothing, I'm back again. It was just a bit too much for me.
I wanted to relax in the vacation time and not having to do anything.
But now I'm happy to be able to blog again!

In this time I've bought a lot of new clothing, the best buys I will post in my blog too. Because I'm having some sweet pieces.

I went on vacation to Mallorca, which was a last minute. I booked it with my boyf., and we had a real relaxed time. I loved the beach at day and the Mojito's at night. Sadly there weren't much nice stores to shop. Not even in La Palma, the capital of mallorca. But after all I came back with one piece. The dress am wearing in the picture below.

I love the ruffles on it, as it is all over de dress. I love to combine it with other pieces to make it a bit sweeter. But for a night out, or when I want to be a bit more sophisticated I can wear it without something over it.

Waistcoat, tights: H&M
Dress: Sfera
Boots: Bought in Denmark
Necklace: from a market

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