Wednesday, September 24, 2008

waiting for a delivery

I was watching Sex and the City last night, on my couch sitting with some cinnamon tea and my slippers on. [ I love to drink cinnamon tea when its getting colder.. ] And while I was watching the serie I could not resist to do some shopping.. Every great shoe, coat and dress you see come by, makes you even more greedy.
So I came at top shop and just couldn't resist the leopard coat which is just so SatC. As I started with te coat I thought I should take some tights too, and as I was busy shopping even more I came with a real 'mr BIG list' of what I wanted to have.. With some serieus help of my boyfriend, of not taking everything I came up with these 4 things below instead of 20!

I love fringethingss its so cute, and in the combination with leather it just rocks!

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