Monday, June 23, 2008


I bought this dress like a week ago, love the color with the white polkadots. The glasses are from my boyf. but I love to wear them too ;)

Yesterday I went to sex and the city with my girls. Didn't had time to go earlier. But I loved the movie!! Its even quite long, but I really didn't mind that.

oufit detailss Dress H&M, shirt H&M, legging H&M, Sandals Zara, 80ties look wayfarrers , bracelet Pilgrim

Sunday, June 22, 2008


So annoying, I didnĂ˝ had time to upload the photo's last few days and when I tried it didn't worked. Luckily it did work today. So is the outfit I wore the 20th. I got a real nice bracelet from my parents when they came back from Denmark. Its real nice silver colored with flowers craved in it. The brand is Pilgrim, a Danish brand which I love.

Dress: H&M
Legging: H&M
Boots: Zara
Bag: vintage
Bracelet: Pilgrim

Friday, June 20, 2008


I've been busy with changing my blogpage as you can see, I'm not really satisfied jet. So there will be some more changes. I don't now much about the changing html from blog templates, so unfortunately its not going as planned.
Anyone some advise?

stella's resort

Last days I've been busy with some personal things. Thats the reason for posting so few. Tomorrow will be time for some outfit shots again. One of the reasons for the less time, it that I've decided to stop my study and start all over again on another school. It was just too much, and I was not satisfied about the school. So in september I will start a new study. Still have to choose a school. So I will be researching it alot these months.

I was browsing the resort shows and came by Stella McCartney's ss09 resort. I love the outfit shots. You can see the beige/nude teints and the v cut necks. I also noticed the pointed pumps and sandals. They aren't hugely pointed, but just have a fine point, which I love. Because I'm totally not a fan of the big pointers..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We are the Champions

The Boyf. got time again to make some pictures of me. Last times I did it myself. I think the best is to make them with the boyf. cause were having so much fun. Really had to laugh about some pictures. If you look at the second picture you see kittykat in the background, in such a strange pose ;) Really didn't notice he was there. The boyf did off course.
Even had more funny pictures off course, but that was because of me... Thats why I removed them really quickly! Sorry for everytime putting Roet into the pictures, can't help it. He is just too great to work with :p.. Haha weak excuse, well he is just too adorable.

Yesterday I reaalllyreally have to talk about. I went with some friends to our bar to watch the soccer match. The EC 2008 is just begun. And yesterday the Netherlands had to play. They played AMAZING. Whoohoo, me a true suporter when it comes to EC's and WC's!! I even now what offside is. But it was such a social evening. And we won from Italy with 3-0! But beside it I never watch soccer :$..

What I'm wearing, well I lovee this skirt. Its my mums she is having it for a long time now but I discovered it like an half year ago. I never saw it before and really don't now why she isn't wearing it. Its so lovely. I Didn't got time to wear it untill now. The brand is laura ashley.
The top is from H&M
Sandals: Sacha
Necklace: selfmade

I've got sunshine

Just a few more days and the busy weeks of school will be over. Than I will be having more time for my blogg! Here are some pictures of my outfit of saturday and sunday. It was really hot outside. It still is, so this was the perfect outfit to come through the warm days. Really enjoying it.

I was too lazy to put on some shoes, spending those ours studying, and I love to walk in my house bare feeted.

Jumpsuit: superdupervintage
Ring: Pilgrim

Saturday, June 7, 2008

he's got talent

I tried to make some pictures of my new jumpsuit which I bought at superdupervintage the only great vintage store in Arnhem. But I didn't had my mind there.. Roet came along with his cute little face and made himself the owner of the camera.

before and after

While just clicking from page to page, blog to blog I discovered this nice streetstyle blog FAK!. The thing which I think is great about this site, is the 'before and after' pictures. People which are getting a whole new look, just like the tv shows only greater styles! Actually I think that is the idea of the photo's, because I really don't understand a word on that page ;) . Because of the overload of pictures I only post some 'afters'

Whoo that spaceman is rocking ;) See yourself driving your bike like that!......

This are the 'normal' streetstyle post. Love the detail shots.

He is just great!! I think his hair is amazing. And the color of his glasses real nice!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Wauw its him! Our Roet! He's so adorable, I totally love him already. Tomorrow he will be 6 weeks old, so he is still very little.

Shut your eyes and sing to mee.................. Charming don't you think? ;)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

my hero comes

I'm so excited! Tomorrow me and my boyfriend will have a new friend at home to live with us. A CAT! Can't wait untill tomorrow. He is almost 6 weeks old and we are thinking about to call him Roet. Which is related to his color because he is black. We will decide it when we see him, because I think you can't give anyone a name without seeing him or her.

Today I was wearing the vintage skirt which I love really much. With my new fringe back and my new boots from the zara. A great outfit for this weather, because it was like 20 degrees but raining a lot. Which is sadly normal here..

Skirt: vintage
tights: bijenkorf
top: H&M
belt: secondhand
boots: Zara
bag: the urban collection

Oh when I have time for it I will post some pictures of our new friendd;)

love streets

After some shopping I came home with these denim short, which are totally great for the summer. And these fabulous gladiators from the Zara! I fell in love with them when I saw them. I was standing at the checkout desk and was almost the first, and then I saw them, a friend of mine took over my place in the row, I ran to the sandals jumped into the right size. Walked for 10 seconds and ran back to the checkout desk. I was just in time and the sandals where mine ;) !