Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We are the Champions

The Boyf. got time again to make some pictures of me. Last times I did it myself. I think the best is to make them with the boyf. cause were having so much fun. Really had to laugh about some pictures. If you look at the second picture you see kittykat in the background, in such a strange pose ;) Really didn't notice he was there. The boyf did off course.
Even had more funny pictures off course, but that was because of me... Thats why I removed them really quickly! Sorry for everytime putting Roet into the pictures, can't help it. He is just too great to work with :p.. Haha weak excuse, well he is just too adorable.

Yesterday I reaalllyreally have to talk about. I went with some friends to our bar to watch the soccer match. The EC 2008 is just begun. And yesterday the Netherlands had to play. They played AMAZING. Whoohoo, me a true suporter when it comes to EC's and WC's!! I even now what offside is. But it was such a social evening. And we won from Italy with 3-0! But beside it I never watch soccer :$..

What I'm wearing, well I lovee this skirt. Its my mums she is having it for a long time now but I discovered it like an half year ago. I never saw it before and really don't now why she isn't wearing it. Its so lovely. I Didn't got time to wear it untill now. The brand is laura ashley.
The top is from H&M
Sandals: Sacha
Necklace: selfmade


susie_bubble said...

i love that length of skirt on's hard to pull off but you do it ever so well!

The Clothes Horse said...

You look really nice in the maxi skirt!

Lana said...

Het lijkt net of Roet ook een pose aanneemt in de tweede foto. En ja hij/zij? is heeel schattig!
Leuke outfit ook!

ms-mojo-rising said...


@lana hij ;) ja haha echt schattig mijn model :P