Saturday, June 7, 2008

before and after

While just clicking from page to page, blog to blog I discovered this nice streetstyle blog FAK!. The thing which I think is great about this site, is the 'before and after' pictures. People which are getting a whole new look, just like the tv shows only greater styles! Actually I think that is the idea of the photo's, because I really don't understand a word on that page ;) . Because of the overload of pictures I only post some 'afters'

Whoo that spaceman is rocking ;) See yourself driving your bike like that!......

This are the 'normal' streetstyle post. Love the detail shots.

He is just great!! I think his hair is amazing. And the color of his glasses real nice!

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Anonymous said...

i love the first picture and that guy at the bottom is a fox!