Wednesday, June 4, 2008

urban feeling

I made these pictures like 6 days ago but I didn't had time to post them. Exams are in the running right now and I'm just busy with studying.. Not so much fun for me.
I've ordered some accessories at the urban collection begin May. Sadly it took for ages untill I got the package. Not because of Dree but because of the customs.. They hold the package there for 2 weeks.. And I even had to pay €20,- for it.
But I have it now!
I loveeeeeeeeeee everything I've got. The Christian Dior glasses, with the initials at the sides. Love the red lines. Before I can wear them I have to change the glasses. So I have to wait for a while.
Givenchy wallet! Great green leather and love the texture.
AND my lovely white leather fringe bag! Adjustable strap and just great for the summer.
I also got the lovely flower scarf for free! I was really surprised when I saw it.

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