Wednesday, June 4, 2008

my hero comes

I'm so excited! Tomorrow me and my boyfriend will have a new friend at home to live with us. A CAT! Can't wait untill tomorrow. He is almost 6 weeks old and we are thinking about to call him Roet. Which is related to his color because he is black. We will decide it when we see him, because I think you can't give anyone a name without seeing him or her.

Today I was wearing the vintage skirt which I love really much. With my new fringe back and my new boots from the zara. A great outfit for this weather, because it was like 20 degrees but raining a lot. Which is sadly normal here..

Skirt: vintage
tights: bijenkorf
top: H&M
belt: secondhand
boots: Zara
bag: the urban collection

Oh when I have time for it I will post some pictures of our new friendd;)

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Lloyda said...

love the skirt!!! and the bag!

added your blog to my links btw