Thursday, September 24, 2009

Party all the time

If got loads of pictures of me and my friends going out. I though lets show some of them! Off course not the ones with to much wine ;).

Several times of me with my party-crew!

Dark Hysteria lips

Unfortunately I'm really busy lately. Have a lot to do. Busy with studying. My camera isn't the best either . So I hope for a better camera in the future.

Photobooth pictures with my I-Mac.

The second picture shows the color better than the first. Totally in love with my new Chanel lipstick Hysteria.
Wearing my Escada blazer. Found it somewhere on a market.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back in Black

So that was about time. I really missed the blogging and socializing. Enough reasons why I didn't blog all those months, but I think its the best to keep them for myself! Now there's more time to blog and so I will.

Funny to see that my hair got much longer. The last blog post it was much shorter. Well It also was my goal to get longer hair. Because I never got it so long. But I think I'm not jet at the length that I want it.

Wearing ZARA everything. The outfit just felt like a great combo.

Shoes really cheap 30 euro's in Sale.