Monday, April 28, 2008


I think that your skin products express a great part of your personality. The products you buy reflect how you take care about yourself and how you feel. If you take more effort for the products you buy, you will think its important how you look. You can just walk into a shop pic the first face cleaner you see and buy it. Or you could take the time, compure different product and than make a choice.

*Bubbly bath ballistic

Whats important for you?
The brand, the ingredients, ecological products, for the sensitive skin, the appearance etc...


Every step you take before the buy, when you buy it and after you bought it, will tell us how you feel and what kind of person you are. This doesn't apply only for skin products, but for everything you do I found a webshop named lush where I buy my skin products. I found it almost a year ago. I'm really happy about there point of view at things. As one of there slogans say. They offer "fresh handmade products". You can find facial products, bodylotions, soaps, showergels and more! So there assortment is really big. Lush sells its products in 34 countries.

I was searching for the right words how lush express themselves and I found something to quote, because how they say it, is really the best.

*Freshly made fascial mask (they make these masks every week)


We believe in making effective products out of fresh organic* fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics, without animal ingredients, and in writing the quantitative list on the outside.
We also believe in buying only from companies that test for safety without the involvement of animals and in testing our products on humans.
We believe in making our own fresh* products by hand, printing our own labels and making our own fragrances.
We believe in long candlelit baths, massage, filling the house with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again.
We believe that our products should be good value, that we make a profit and that the customer is always right.

*We also believe words like "fresh" and "organic" have honest meaning beyond marketing.

The products I have:

My lovely bodylotion with bananas and vanilla.

Skin toner with grean tea. Really refreshing

Day cream for the perfect soft skin. Also a nice basic for my make up
I have a scrub too but because of the overload of pictures I left it by these ;)

You can also find the nicest gift packages !

Lazy me

I'd slept so long today, like I hadn't slept for years ;) So because of that I didn't do much today. I went to the estate agent with my boyfriend for some administration stuff.. And tomorrow we are getting the keys! I'm so exited. I can't wait to move now.. Had enough trouble in here.. One thing I'm worried about is that we still have to do so much packing. Hopefully it will work out OK.

Todays outfit is colorful. The weather was not :( But had to keep the good mood up. 
The pictures are a bit over lighted, I have no idea how that happened, because there was no sun to discover in the sky! The pictures are taken on the second balcony, this is a beautiful place to sit down and relax. Sadly it didn't happened much for us, because of a lac of good weather. 
Positive for us is that our new home has a great balcony too.

Top: secondhand
Skirt: secondhand
Tights: H&M
Shoes: invito
Jewelry: secondhand

Sunday, April 27, 2008

outfit 26-04

There wasn't any photographer today (my boyfriend ;)) so I made the pictures myself. 

Today I went to the IKEA and praxis with my mom for some shopping and watching nice stuff. I bought a fondue set at the IKEA really lovely, so we can make cheese fondue. I just love it!
I also bought some glasses, and kitchen stuff, and hangers for my clothes, can't have enough!
When we went back to my parents home, my mom and I cooked ourselves a nice dinner. As starter we made shrimp cocktail. The main course was roast potato with cream fresh, garlic and chive. Marinaded white fish and some kind of weird seefood vegetable. As dessert we had cherry pudding! We really enjoyed the lovely food. After the dinner we had done our hand nails. Because my nail polish was almost off.

Before I went to my mom I had done some pink make-up accents. The pink blush and my YSL pink/orange lipstick (more pink than orange). Looks not as bright on the picture as it really is. And I painted my toenails pink.

Lipstick: YSL
Nailpolish hands: Lancaster
" feet: Maybelline
Blusher: gift

Denim Waistcoat: H&M
Acid washed jeans: Dr Denim Jeansmakers
Top: Secondhand
Necklaces: Secondhand
Sandals: Sacha
Purse/make-up traveller: Diane von Furstenberg

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Vacation has started. It will only last for an week. And I'm busy with packing things. Really not a nice vacation... Its going to be a really busy week. We have one week to pack all things to the other apartment. So any help is welcome ;)

Yesterday I had some time for online shopping and I bought a sweet summer dress. The thing I love about it is the low cut back. I also bought some nice pair of shoes. Really cute pumps with crossing straps. The are bought at ilovevintage

Today I'm going to my mother, having a nice day doing some hometown shopping and looking for some nice flowers. The weather is even lovelier! So I'm not wasting my time any longer inside and leave with my sunglasses and leather strapped sandals!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gwyneths Looks

Gwyneth is back with the new movie iron man. Just as her looks are.
Whats the movie about? A short quote from imdb
"When wealthy industrialist Tony Stark is forced to build an armored suit after a life-threatening incident, he ultimately decides to use its technology to fight against evil."

Love the style of Gwyneth. As you can see she loves black boots. I adore the gladiotor style sandals from Givenchy. At the premiere of Iron man she wears a dress from Sonia Rykiel with beautiful beatings. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I'm enjoying all those lovely days. Lots of sun and spring feelings. I didn't even notice the beautiful blossoms outside. Its really marvellous all those flowers. It got me so exited that I did some gardening, the only flowers we have outside on the balcony are violets, but OK ;) is still was busy for 20 minutes I think! And they look beautiful again.

When we have moved to our new apartment, I will certainly buy some flowers and plants for in the house and outside. I will miss this place for sure.. Because it is a nice street. There is such a relaxed atmosphere.

Todays Outfit

Bag: Vintage (Chanel look-a-like)
Skirt: H&M
Tights: H&M
Socks: ?
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: a Gift

Oh and at the picture the violets look a bit sad, thats because I did the gardening after those shots ;)

'The Hunt'

Feeling to go on a safari, with loads danger and excitement? Just go to your online shop or local store ;) I noticed the crocodile and snakeskin on bags and shoes. For this summer is a trend for sure. You see the pattern in different color combinations and styles. As you can see the bag is a kind of patchwork.

Valentino Spring'08
D&G Spring'08

If you would like to shop the style immediately  here are some suggestions.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Todays outfit (21-04)

I'm going to sleep now. Tomorrow more blogging for me.

Glasses again, because my eye hurts when I'm wearing contacts :(

Dress: H&M
Legging: H&M
Shoes: Vintage
Bag: Vintage
Necklaces: secondhand
Belt: Secondhand
mess and moving boxes.

Long time no see

It feels like it had been ages since I posted my last blog. I'm so busy with other things. My school, the home and of course my friends. Last day (the 20th) I enjoyed the lovely weather. I went to sonsbeek park with my boyfriend. Its a nice place to chill out. Just lay on the grass reading a magazine, enjoy the sun and to drink a cola.

Had no time for nice pictures, Sjoerd made this picture of me in a sec before we left.
Jacket: The Urban Collection
Dress: H&M pink label
Legging: H&M
Cardigan: H&M

The dress is new, you can't see it well on the picture but its a bit like prada

I'm so tired but just wanted to post this blog! It was on my task list for today ;)
I'm hoping for more sunny sonsbeek days!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Really annoying I'm getting all kind of errors when I'm uploading photo's. So every time when I try again I'm hopping it will succeed.. So that was for yesterday I had enough of it and went to sleep....

Yesterday I went to school. I also broke down my bike, really scary. I went down a hill and  had to slow down my bike really fast and my brakes just cracked.. But I survived luckily! 
Today I went to school again, didn't do much there.
Today we are going to find some boxes because we have to move house in not a long time..
So it will be cleaning for today.

This is what I wore yesterday and because I had no inspiration today I'm wearing it again.

Skirt: Zara Barcalona
Shirt: H&M
Tights: H&M
Belt: secondhand
Boots: vintage
Scarf: secondhand

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


In the deepest ocean
The bottom of the sea
Your eyes
They turn me

Please could you stop the noise, I'm trying to get some rest
From all the unborn chicken voices in my head

I spotted this shirt from radiohead at urban outfitters but unfortunately I can't buy it I can't refer with the paying methods. So hopefully I will find someone who can help me with finding this shirt ;) Love the bands, the songs, the lyrics.... poetic words

If you haven't heard the new CD in rainbows, you should. The whole CD is just fantastic. I love every song on it.


Monday, April 14, 2008

A dress a day

Today just wasn't a busy day. I would get up at 9 o clock, but it went 11 o clock. I was just too tired of all the free days ;). I'm so lazy, really want to get rid of it. So I agreed with my boyfriend to go to sleep a lot earlier. I hope it will work so I have to power of a lifetime a day!

This are the pictures of my new dresses. I already worn the black one, while I was going out on friday. Its from Didi, love the black 'satin' fabric. If you look well you can find some pretty things in here. It was expensive like 50 euros and they priced it down to 7,50 euros.. So you can understand that I couldn't leave it hanging there all alone..

My flowerpower maxi dress is really I buy for the summer. I bought it at superdupervintage I love to wear it wit some high heel sandals. But I'm thinking to shorten the sleeves too just some shoulder straps. 
What do you say?...

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I had a busy weekend this week, a lot going out and not much sleep. I really had a good time. I also went to work again after 2 weeks of hard working for school. I hate my new school schedule.. 4 days in the week to school until half past 5.. 

Today I went to the mother of my boyfriend. Had a nice time we ate cheese fondue, I really love cheese fondue and we enjoyed it too. 

Sorry for my sleepy picture, I'm so tired, to tired that I am lazy to go to sleep. I also bought some new dresses the last days, pictures will come tomorrow of them,  because the batteries of my camera are low.. And my batteries too :P

Top: H&M
Cardigan: H&M
Belt: Secondhand
Skirt: Vintage
Tights: H&M
Shoes: H&M

The shoes are faux snake skin, they are lovely but not for long walks. The skirt I bought in Amsterdam some time ago. I love the fabric and the print of it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008



Put your painting on, thats what I can say for the summer. Designers showing their artistic skills on the clothes by 'painting' it.

Beside the expensive clothing, a lot of affordable brands also take over the painting hype. You mostly see dip & dye clothing, but the skirt at top shop, which I love, are even more similar to the 'big' brands. You can see the brush strokes on it, that makes it even more edgy.