Sunday, April 27, 2008

outfit 26-04

There wasn't any photographer today (my boyfriend ;)) so I made the pictures myself. 

Today I went to the IKEA and praxis with my mom for some shopping and watching nice stuff. I bought a fondue set at the IKEA really lovely, so we can make cheese fondue. I just love it!
I also bought some glasses, and kitchen stuff, and hangers for my clothes, can't have enough!
When we went back to my parents home, my mom and I cooked ourselves a nice dinner. As starter we made shrimp cocktail. The main course was roast potato with cream fresh, garlic and chive. Marinaded white fish and some kind of weird seefood vegetable. As dessert we had cherry pudding! We really enjoyed the lovely food. After the dinner we had done our hand nails. Because my nail polish was almost off.

Before I went to my mom I had done some pink make-up accents. The pink blush and my YSL pink/orange lipstick (more pink than orange). Looks not as bright on the picture as it really is. And I painted my toenails pink.

Lipstick: YSL
Nailpolish hands: Lancaster
" feet: Maybelline
Blusher: gift

Denim Waistcoat: H&M
Acid washed jeans: Dr Denim Jeansmakers
Top: Secondhand
Necklaces: Secondhand
Sandals: Sacha
Purse/make-up traveller: Diane von Furstenberg


The Clothes Horse said...

Great look! Those acid wash jeans rock.

Cool Urbanite. said...

Klinkt als een leuk dagje :D! En die acid jeans staan je heel goed!!