Monday, April 14, 2008

A dress a day

Today just wasn't a busy day. I would get up at 9 o clock, but it went 11 o clock. I was just too tired of all the free days ;). I'm so lazy, really want to get rid of it. So I agreed with my boyfriend to go to sleep a lot earlier. I hope it will work so I have to power of a lifetime a day!

This are the pictures of my new dresses. I already worn the black one, while I was going out on friday. Its from Didi, love the black 'satin' fabric. If you look well you can find some pretty things in here. It was expensive like 50 euros and they priced it down to 7,50 euros.. So you can understand that I couldn't leave it hanging there all alone..

My flowerpower maxi dress is really I buy for the summer. I bought it at superdupervintage I love to wear it wit some high heel sandals. But I'm thinking to shorten the sleeves too just some shoulder straps. 
What do you say?...

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