Monday, April 28, 2008

Lazy me

I'd slept so long today, like I hadn't slept for years ;) So because of that I didn't do much today. I went to the estate agent with my boyfriend for some administration stuff.. And tomorrow we are getting the keys! I'm so exited. I can't wait to move now.. Had enough trouble in here.. One thing I'm worried about is that we still have to do so much packing. Hopefully it will work out OK.

Todays outfit is colorful. The weather was not :( But had to keep the good mood up. 
The pictures are a bit over lighted, I have no idea how that happened, because there was no sun to discover in the sky! The pictures are taken on the second balcony, this is a beautiful place to sit down and relax. Sadly it didn't happened much for us, because of a lac of good weather. 
Positive for us is that our new home has a great balcony too.

Top: secondhand
Skirt: secondhand
Tights: H&M
Shoes: invito
Jewelry: secondhand


The Clothes Horse said...

Great colors and your shoes are FAB!

Women’s dresses said...

Stunning outfit. I love the combination of the red skirt and green leggings. it works so well!