Wednesday, April 9, 2008

SatC is Comming!

Its quitte a moment, lots of girls have been waiting for. The release of the movie Sex and the City. everything is getting more and more real by the day. Some data's when the movie will be released: The 28th of May will be the first release in the UK, France and Belgium. I'm really jealous :(... BUT the 12th of June, half century later ;) it will be the moment for the Netherlands!! The USA will be the 30th of May.

Loads of designers are involved with the styling. One piece thats quitte exceptional is de Eiffel tower bag from Timmy Woods. I love it, it has loads of swarovski crystals on it and its worn in the movie by Sarah Jessica Parker in one of the first scènes. On the website are also more bags to find.
Love the creativity.

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