Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ebay missers

So annoying every time I see a great piece on ebay I get outbid. All because of the different time zones. It would be great if I could stay up like to 4 o'clock in the night, but I think I wouldn't survive that.... 

AMAZING leather skirt.

Lovely summer dress.. Maybe its better that I didn't get this one, because I would be too tiny for that dress.


K.Line said...

You should check out WendyB's post about bidnapper - software that does the bidding for you (less stress and you don't have to be there).


Cool Urbanite. said...

Die maxidress is echt mooi! En het outfitje met de rok ook!

ms-mojo-rising said...

@ k.line Ah thanks, sound like a great idea! I will check it out immediately

@ cool urbanite Ja geweldig he voor de zomer!! Maar helaas ;)