Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gone for way too long

So.. here I am again, after almost 2 weeks. I was just so busy for my school, almost didn't had time for my social life. And even not for my blogging. I really missed it a lot.

I already made some outfit shots. Also got some older ones which I didn't had time for to post. I will post those pictures tomorrow.

The reason why I'm posting already is because I came on fashion156 and spotted Cecile Sinclair, she became Hollands next topmodel this year. I thought it was great to see her there, that she is going international that fast. I'm hopping that she will be successful in it too.

In my opinion she is the best winner ever on HntM. Her cool attitude brings her on that Dutch level, she is just herself. And she is social too. I love her hair by the way. Red head !! Just great. Her battle was between 2 short haired girls. The blonde and the brunette. But off course the red one won!

Some random pictures of Cecile:

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