Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Yesterday was liberation day. Its celebrated really BIG in Wageningen. I went there for the second time. It was great again. Every were you saw music tents. The weather was great too! The greatest part is that the mother of my boyfriend lives there. So we sat an de balcony watching a blues band, laying in the sun.... and relax. 

In the evening we saw a great soul/funk band called lefties. We enjoyed the eve by dancing and have fun. I even got to dance on stage! Never done that haha! But I have to say it was great! For once in my live in the spotlight.

Because of the warm weather the plants needed some water. They look beautiful, all those colorful flowers. In the picture below you can see a flag hanging because off the liberation day. 

This picture is taken in my new home. We moved there since Thursday. Its still a big mess, but it will get better soon.

Wearing: Gladiator sandals: Sacha
Dress: Vintage; superdupervintage
Jewelry: Spain


K.Line said...

Your new place is great. How wonderful to have a river outside your window. K

ms-mojo-rising said...

Well thats not at my place, but it is really beautiful! The first picture is at my mother in laws place. Only the second picture is in my new home. You don't see much of it haha ;) Maybe I didn't said it really clear

Fashion Addict said...

love your outfit! I was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange with me... so could you please contact me later about it?