Monday, May 12, 2008


The last 2 days me and my boyfriend had been busy with laminating. Pff we worked really hard. And the results may be there! In my blog under this one "red beauty" you can see the before of our living room with the UGLY carpet we had. Im so glad that we've got rid of that. It got so beautiful in our home. Because of the big living room we have to buy more furniture. But that will be alright ;). We still got to do a lot of unpacking stuff.. Really not looking forward to do that.. 

Today was my 'rest' day, we only painted our study desk in silver! really nice! After that we went to sonsbeek park, to chill and lay in the sun. Now back home again it felt really like coming home. I really love this new place..

I wore my new kaftan. Its from great materials and love the fine fabric of it. The sleeves are great too! I wore my Buddha necklace with it and a bag in the same cultural feeling. 

Dress: SPS Superstar
Sandals: Sacha
Bag: flee market 
Necklace: selfmade

Note: The new laminate is beautiful isn't it ;)


selinaoolala said...

love it! i'm hoping to make something like this once i find the right material, but yours is so perfect!

The Clothes Horse said...

Great dress. You rock it.