Sunday, May 4, 2008

Moveee away

Really late now, its 1.52 in the night for my time. I went out and drunk a bit to much ;) Some vodka and martini. After all we could stand up for ourselves and went back home. So we didn't made it too late.

We are moving since last thursday. So I'm really busy with packing stuff, cleaning and painting. I'm just getting so tired of it.. My heads full with thoughts of what I have to do these days. My outfits are not so nice ;) thats because I don't want to ruin my clothes. So thats why I'm not posting any outfit shots. Also lac of time holds me of it. 
Well tonight we went out like I said. So I had to change clothes. Not so hard to do... But stupidly I moved all the nice clothing to my new apartment.
I picked some stuff together and made a 'nice' outfit. I didn't had any pants to wear and my panties and leggings are gone. Luckily I had this blue legging in the washing machine. So I didn't had to go naked haha..

Well again I'm tired, because I'm posting late AGAIN.. 
Here are the outfit shots witch are taken in like 10 seconds before going.

Shirt: Jimi Hendrix!
Shorts: H&M
Legging: secondhand
Belt: vintage
Boots: secondhand

Tomorrow will be the 'BIG' move. The bed, sofas wash machine etc. will be moved. So maybe tomorrow I will be sleeping in my new home. I made some pictures of how it was. I will also making some pictures of the results. So at the end I will post these and you can see the before and after shots!

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