Friday, May 9, 2008

I love to wake up at my new home. I hear the birds singing there own song and the sun is shining. One of our neighbors has all kind of birds in his garden. Just lovely!

Today and yesterday I'm wearing the same outfit. I wanted to wear something in which I could feel myself like a summer breeze. The skirt I'm wearing is just beautiful. I love the floating fabric of it. Just a great piece for the summer. I wearing it in my waist with the red woven belt. Just added some basics to it and then I was ready for the day. I'm wearing my wooden heals under it. I bought it like a year ago on a market for only 50 cents! The woman at the stand, said it was enough.. So a great buy for me ;) 

The thing I'm standing up is like an great mantelpiece in the living room. Its just great! Such a seventies thing. The flowers are nice too, I've got them from my mom and dad when my boyfriend and I came into this house. 

This weekend we will be busy with laminating the living room. It will be a great progress. After that we can clean al the mess away and start decorating the place.

The stairs outside are from our balcony. We can't enter it jet because the door is stuck.

Skirt: Vintage (Zipper)
Heels: second hand
Belt: second hand
Waistcoat: H&M
Top: H&M
Bag: @ an Warehouse in Zweden


K.Line said...

The skirt is fantastic and all of these shots make you seem so relaxed. What a great apartment!

The Clothes Horse said...

Nice look. Perfect for spring and your denim vest is lovely.